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Marc Tasse is a certified contractor
Réno-Maître contractors are professionals recognized for their experience, their dedication and their expertise.
They are committed to following only the best practices in renovation.

Certification Requirements

Réno-Maître is the only association of contractors that certifies the professional level of its members.  It is not enough for a contractor to pay membership dues to become an APCHQ Réno-Maître.  Members must pass a strict selection process based on performance and the quality of their work is verified regularly through customer satisfaction surveys.  All Réno-Maître professionals must meet the following conditions:


  • Have positive customer references
  • Have the financial and administrative resources needed to complete projects successfully
  • Meet their customers' expectations.

Code of Ethics of the Réno-Maître Contractor

As a member of the APCHQ Réno-Maître program, a contractor is committed to:


  • Deal honestly with customers
  • Be courteous and polite with customers
  • Make sure that each customer is satisfied with the job, during and after work completion
  • Keep the work site relatively clean and avoid piling useless materials
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance adequate for the work involved
  • Deliver or complete work on time, as scheduled
  • Explain guarantees to customers and provide appropriate technical documentation
  • Execute work included in the contract in accordance with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and bylaws, and any other regulation applicable
  • Use contract forms complying with present laws and include a full description of the work to de done, as well as a detailed cost estimate
  • Conform to all health and safety regulations on the work site, through to work completion.

Renovation Guarantee:  Unique in North America

Even the best professionals can encounter situations out of their control.  That is why APCHQ has developed this optional protection plan, unique in North America, that you can subscribe to when your renovations are carried out by a certified Réno-Maître contractor.


Does Your Project Require Financing?

Doing business with a Réno-Maître contractor opens the door to a made-to-measure financing loan, the Réno-prêt, which is available exclusively through a certified contractor.
Go with the best renovators;
make your choice easier!


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