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Foundation repairs

We can do many things for your foundation problems:

  1. Fix negative slopes around the house or building
  2. Replace or repair the drain
  3. Waterproof by installing a membrane or other product
  4. Add or replace window wells for drainage
  5. Repair a cracked or broken foundation
  6. Replace a sump pit or install a new one near a basement garage door or entrance
  7. Make sure that rain water is well managed by gutters or a drainage system.

Do your foundation and basement present problems such as water infiltration, high humidity, mould on walls or floors, cold floors, or any other problem?

Here are some of the many causes of these problems: negative slope of the lot, gutter downspout improperly directed, cracks or breaks on foundation walls, defective drainage systems or no drainage system.

I can assist you in finding solutions! With my expertise as a general contractor and landscaper, I can solve the problem inside and outside your home. I can also do your landscaping from the driveway to a wood or stone patio to turf layout, sidewalks and much more.

Forget about having to deal with several specialized contractors and let me take care of everything. I have been working for many years with teams of highly qualified workers of all trades. One contact, one contract, and all the work is done!

My greatest strength is to be able to identify the source of the problem and then recommend solutions that will take care of it for good. No patch-up work that only hides the problem for a while and ends up costing a great deal. As I have done so since 1988, I guarantee that work will be done well.

Don't wait any longer! Call me or complete the information form on my contact page for a free estimate! 

Marc Tassé Marc Tassé Marc Tassé

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